The coordination of all this in an optimal manner is the job of the Dula Project Manager, who is at your side from the very first meeting till the completion of the project.

The combination of the desirable and the realistic, of aesthetics and functionality is a central theme in all of our projects. To this end we are constantly seeking the correct mixture of modules and flexible elements, of creativity and individuality, of the optically desired and the technically feasible.


A store concept can only be successful when all the elements are internally coherent and enjoy a synergetic relationship with one another. We compile individual and tailor-made concepts that can be relied upon to put your business on the road to success.

Design planning

"Individual store building" is nowadays being used by many as a mere catchphrase. It is our ambition to turn your store into something special. This begins already at the planning stage – holistically trimmed to your specific requirements.

Feng Shui

Greet your customers with pleasing wide expanses and a relaxing atmosphere that invites one to linger a while: Feng Shui works. From a harmonics point of view, good visual merchandising is indispensable. For wherever the attention wanders, the Qi will follow.

Implementation planning

Our architects and technical draftsmen undertake the entire implementation planning and coordination thereof – including all drawings. Supported by modern information technology they constantly review the feasibility and realisation of the design concept.

Light design

Making a room “bright” is not a problem with modern lamps. The challenge is to create an exciting, diversified and emotional lighting system on the basis of economic planning. And this particular art is one of which our lighting specialists have a perfect command.


High-tech for efficient order processing and top quality

The production facilities in which our ideas become reality are to be found in Germany, Spain and Russia. Over a total area of 66,700 m² our teams of specialists create store fittings of the highest quality with the very latest CNC-technology and with great manual dexterity.

Logistics & assembly

Dula proves reliable, global logistics competence. Our specially trained teams install and set up your furnishings on the spot – whether you be in Arnsberg or Kazakhstan. Reliable, clean and precise. You may rely upon that.



  • absolute adherence to schedules by continuous review of the transport organization (by land, water and air) and necessary assembly times
  • world-wide rollout and installation on site
  • the Dula-Logistics Centre with spacious storage capacities and innovative storage management which provides optimal conditions for global bulk orders
  • calculation in advance of all logistics costs
  • creation of all documents for world-wide export
  • status of the AEO-C (authorized economic operator)
  • world-wide handling of import transactions

General contractor

Commission Dula as your general contractor and enjoy the benefits of professional project management

We coordinate all the trades connected with interior fittings and building construction – from the planning via the invitations for tenders all the way through to the handing over of the keys. What this means for you: all services from one source, just one contact person!