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Innovative and Generously Sized

 Since EuroShop 2014, the Dula-Center in Germany has been showing off its new, sophisticated architecture. Operating internationally in the field of integral shopfitting and exclusive interior construction, the company has been presenting their redesigned, energised and architecturally remodelled Dula-Center featuring a new breath-taking reception area with a free-floating staircase and atrium as well as the newly opened Cielo restaurant. “With this extensive investment, we are committing ourselves to our company’s birthplace in Dortmund” underlines Heinz-Herbert Dustmann, managing director of the Dula group.

With an area of 14,000 m², the Dula-Center in Dortmund is a unique tool for customers and other interested parties. The combination of integrated facilities makes it a valuable source of extensive information. It is a hub for product and interior design incorporating its own design office and studio, computer-controlled lighting studio, the company’s own DUSTMANN. department store and the exclusive Cielo restaurant – located on the seventh floor and offering panoramic views across the surrounding areas.

With a presentation area covering more than 1,000 m² and complete with a lighting studio and material library, the Dula-Studio remains one of the company’s extra-special highlights. Elegant wall designs and high-quality flooring provide a framework for modern and innovative design in the clearly structured areas that are accessible through the atrium. A central passageway leads customers and design aficionados through the studio and allows them to shuttle back and forth between the different shops.

Designers, interior architects and lighting designers from Dula developed and implemented the new concept. Nine separate areas to the sides of a large thoroughfare present integral, internally coherent shop design that places all the elements for a synergistic relationship with each other. The visitor finds inspiration for future-oriented shop design, an overview of the company’s broad product range, and diverse information on production, materials, lighting, acoustics, and design.

The entrance area provides an initial head-turner: an intelligent display window backed by LED mesh lighting that acts as a dynamic lighting structure. The structure is fully programmable and video-capable. Each LED can be addressed individually and can respond to a person’s approach.

The striking Urban Pace shop is aimed in particular at a sporty, uncomplicated target group with a sense for functional design. Despite their lively surfaces, unrefined materials such as dark, natural steel flooring and translucent, glass fibre-reinforced concrete walls – contrasted with warm brushed oak – form an elegant environment for presenting products. Urban art in the form of graffiti or sketchy chalk drawings provides decorative accompaniment and underlines the design.

The Dula-Studio gives an impressive illustration of Dula’s quality, versatile design and technical innovations and provides extensive information on individual solutions.

Dula Lighting Studio
In addition to the presentation in the open area, Dula’s lighting experts have equipped the computer-controlled lighting studio with the latest lighting technology. The multimedia show demonstrates visions for lighting technology as well as fascinating dramatic compositions using lighting.

At the start of the presentation, one can experience the influence and effect of natural lighting such as daylight and natural phenomena on human well-being. The viewer is immersed in their innermost feelings by a 270° projection combined with a video-capable LED sheet ceiling that depicts a wide range of lighting moods, ranging from a sunny, blue sky to a sunset ambience and even fire and thunderstorms.

Artificial lighting affects us to the same extent as natural light. Dula’s own lighting designers present different forms of lighting that portray an object differently time and time again, imparting it with a series of widely varying appearances. This provides viewers with an impressive demonstration of how the displayed products – their surface, colour and structure – are transformed under the changing lighting forms of innovative LED technology. Seating flooded with light, projections on a water screen (a waterfall produced in the middle of the room) and dynamic lighting scenes on products and decoration illustrate the diverse possibilities of intelligent lighting.

“In our studio, we want to emphasise our company’s high standards of quality and sustainability and to offer our visitors atmosphere and a great experience. We are confident of being able to provide a special source of inspiration in conjunction with our planners, designers and lighting experts”, says Heinz-Herbert Dustmann.

Dula-Studio and Lighting Studio
Reopened after conversion: 14 February 2014
Area: More than 1,000 m2
Sections: Espresso bar/entrance, Urban Pace bike shop, jeans shop, bodega/delicatessen, exclusive ladies wear, mens suits, boys suits and accessories, womens wear, RFID shop, talkpoints
Planning, interior construction, production, assembly: Dula-Werke Dustmann & Co. GmbH